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Anyone still within hailing distance?

Ove ... Read more 

Posted by OkieByAccident on 03/17/15, 8:09 pm

Closing Time

Le Speakeasy served its purpose, back when. No regrets. But it's clear there's little point to my continuing to sink $ into it.

If any of the old timers wants to work out a transfer of the hosting service and domain name to keep it going, let me know via a private message.
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Posted by OkieByAccident on 05/05/13, 7:32 pm

Is MOA dead?

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Posted by Uncle $cam on 03/26/12, 4:13 pm

Open Source Money Transfer Techniques?

I tried posting the following comments at MOA, but there is probably a filter there that excludes posts using certain spam-like strings, so my attempts never met with success. As any reader will note, the exclusion was certainly no great loss to MOA
A few times each year I need to transfer relatively small sums of money from Europe to the U.S. for "family reasons".
It' ... Read more 

Posted by Hannah K. O'Luthon on 12/31/11, 12:45 am

Terrorism at Sharm el Sheik

If this report from Der Spiegel is accurate, it certainly casts at least one example of "terrorism" in
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Posted by Hannah K. O'Luthon on 03/10/11, 1:50 am

ongoing stench of hypocracy

From the link below

"Government whistleblowers are part of a healthy democracy and must be protected from reprisal," said Barack Obama in 2008. But the stench of his hypocrisy is no longer bearable. It is time, now more than ever, that Bradley Manning received the justice he so clearly deserves." ... Read more 

Posted by noiseannoys on 03/07/11, 3:29 pm

The Raymond Davis Case

I will probably post this later at MOA. For the time being
it isn't being accepted there.

The wound opened by the Raymond Davis fiasco in Pakistan continues to fester. Here are a few links
indicating recent developments and related matters. This legal maneuvering ... Read more 

Posted by Hannah K. O'Luthon on 02/28/11, 10:53 pm

Libya for MOA refugees

I have been following the Libya threads at MOA, but have not contributed since I have neither special information nor deep convictions about the true state of affairs there, either at present or in recent decades.

It does seem, however, that there is considerable heat being thrown out to produce relatively little new light, or, to put it in other terms, the MOA's usual high signal/noise ratio seems to be degrading.
Thi ... Read more 

Posted by Hannah K. O'Luthon on 02/28/11, 3:00 am

Egyptian February

The video in the following link to the Free Iraq website is probably already well-know here, and the comments that follow may well deserve a caveat lector ... Read more 

Posted by Hannah K. O'Luthon on 02/04/11, 5:12 am

Well that's a bit Hmmm!

I got a phone call from an old friend today about 1.00pm Tuesday NZ time which I believe made it around 11.00 PM Monday night gmt.
My friend is an academic based in Vienna whose research takes him to Russia about once a month. He had rung to tell me all stories of his recent demise were unfounded gossip. I said "whaddya mean?"
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Posted by Debs is dead on 01/24/11, 11:59 pm

January news

Tass offers an update on Victor Bout's ... Read more 

Posted by Hannah K. O'Luthon on 01/20/11, 5:44 am

daily bread

Everywhere I look I see the hand and mouth of empire..proclaiming & gesticulating its role as defender as liberator as protector as conveenor of democracy as spreading gods word...but if I you we scratch just a little
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Posted by noiseannoys on 01/13/11, 11:03 pm

Hope! (listening Lizard?) for the future.

Many of us dispair now and then when our energy is low.

Read this lovely essay by Rebecca Solnit, please.,_a_shadow_government_of_kindness/ ... Read more 

Posted by Jake on 12/23/10, 6:38 pm

Out on the deck...

It's probably too late to start a December open thread, and with all the activity over at MoA, it's most likely rather pointless...

But I thought it would be nice to have a spot to hang-out and share whatever little off-the-wall weirdness we came across while floating down life's river. I'm thinkin' poems, stories, odd net posting and other randomness might fit well here.
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Posted by DaveS on 12/17/10, 7:28 am